‘Loaded with entertainment’: Netizens React to Latest Developments in ‘Tamasha’ Ghar

Tamasha Ghar

As more people go home after another round of the reality television show ‘Tamasha Ghar‘, Netizens have quite a bit to say.

ARY Digital has been televising the reality show Tamasha Ghar, a competitive reality TV show inspired by Indian Big Boss. This week three crucial contestants were nominated for elimination. Saeeda Imtiaz, Maira Khan, and Niggah Ji.

Tamasha Ghar

One of the contestants is supposed to leave the house at the end of each elimination round. Out of the nominated contestants, choreographer Niggah Ji was sent home. The contestant had a good run on the show but was sent home because he didn’t have enough votes from the public to be saved by the voters.

While the choreographer Niggah Ji left the show, two other contestants, Omar Alam and Nauman Javed, were saved for the week.

Meanwhile, the remaining nine contestants are in danger zone, and are at risk of being eliminated.

Naturally, Netizens have a lot to say about the recent developments. From comments on those at risk of elemination.


To opinions about Umer.


There were comments about just about every contestant.

Despite this being reality TV, there seem to be wholesome moments.


What do you think of these recent developments? Let us know in the comments below.


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