Pakistani Twitter Slams LUMS Over Massive Fee Hike During Pandemic

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The Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) is under fire again, this time for a fee hike amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

At a time when even banks are looking for ways to provide relief to people, it seems that Pakistan’s top business school has made life difficult for its students.

According to reports, the ‘not-for-profit’ educational institution’s price hike isn’t even the usual percentage, but a whopping 41%.

At a time when the country is already struggling with the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, what made LUMS think this was a good idea? The university explained the situation saying the fee hike was predetermined for the academic year 2020.


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LUMS says that the fee hike really ‘is entirely consistent with prior years‘ after they ‘took into account extraordinary increases in inflation, energy costs, and currency devaluation‘ due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Twitter blasts LUMS’ price hike

According to the denizens of Pakistani Twitter, it looks like LUMS is more trying to maintain its profits amid the upcoming recession. As Twitter slammed the varsity with #LUMSFeeHike, their own student body and staff joined in.

LUMS’ version

LUMS tried to explain how a per semester blanket fee was charged for students taking between 12 to 20 credit hours. That this fee is now calculated on a per credit hour basis ‘which will increase the semester fees for some and decrease it for others‘.

However, students pointed out that the university calculated the value of each credit hour using the maximum limit of credit hours, which is 20 rather than the lower limit of credit hours 12.

Interestingly, many people point out how the university only decided to shift to the new calculation model ‘to discourage students from taking course overloads which negatively impacts their learning‘, in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic.


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As one Netizen pointed out, cutting out your consumer in an upcoming recession is not a great business move. The #LUMSFeeStrike trend drives this point home.

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