Maheen Ghani Lashes Out at Fahad Mustafa Over Misogynist Plot of ‘Dunk’

There has been no shortage of backlash over ‘Dunk’, a drama serial about a false harassment case.

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There has been no shortage of backlash over Dunk, a drama serial about a false harassment case. So when the producer Fahad Mustafa expressed outrage over actresses being trolled, someone stepped in to school him.

Designer and fashionista, Maheen Ghani called out how the producer behind Big Bang Productions is using his platform to create a drama serial about false harassment claims in a country where harassment and violence against women is a key issue.


Is ‘Dunk’ Overdoing the False Sexual Harassment Trope?

Recently, Fahad Mustafa reacted to the hate directed towards Hania Amir. The Na Maloom Afraad 2 actress recently landed on the troll radar over her ‘inappropriate’ video with the Wajahat brothers, both of whom are minors, as well as a spat with Asim Azhar.

“Disgusted with the way people are treating actresses of our industry. If you don’t like what they do you have a choice not to follow them but stop judging and trolling …#respectwomen”


Actresses are often trolled over what they were and what they do. However, cyber-bullying is a common problem across the board for all genders. That is why Netizens felt the Na Maloom Afraad actor’s outrage was ingenuous.


Some people even suggested that the Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 actor produce a drama serial about real harassment issues.


Previously, contemporary drama serials about harassment captivated viewers but garnered backlash with problematic tropes and endings. This includes Inkaar, which audiences obviously noticed was based on the case of Khadija Siddiqi, which ended with the protagonist pardoning her culprit.


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As well as Main Na Janoo, which saw the victim also being beaten by her husband for being harassed by their cousin.

Currently, drama serial Akhir Kab Tak also follows sexual harassment and how it escalated to sexual violence such as rape. As of yet we see Ushna Shah’s character ‘Fajar‘ really giving us hope they won’t sneak in problematic tropes.

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