‘Mangan Aiyaan’: Atif Aslam and Sona Rafiq Sizzle in Groovy Electropop Banger

A summer 2023 track that is sure to be on everyone’s playlist.

The ever-charismatic Atif Aslam dropped his latest single “Mangan Aiyaan” for VELO Sound Station 2.0 on Wednesday.

Atif paired up with the gorgeous model Sona Rafiq Memon for the music video as the duo’s sizzling chemistry onscreen lit up this groovy electropop track.

A visual treat, with a groovy beat, and catchy lyrics, “Mangan Aiyaan” is a summer 2023 banger that is sure to be on everyone’s playlist.

Sona Rafiq was excited to be part of the music video. This is her second time appearing in a music video. She shared a snippet of the song with her fans on Instagram. She expressed gratitude to VELO Sound Station for making her a part of the music video.

VELO Sound Station dropped the music video for the highly anticipated summer dance track “Mangan Aiyaan” by Atif Aslam featuring Sona Rafiq on YouTube.

The video features some stunning visual effects with vibrant colors and lighting that feels like a fever dream.

Fans are already digging the aesthetics of the music video, which shows a never-before-seen romantic pairing of Sona Rafiq and Atif Aslam. Netizens showered praises on Atif for making another banger track that we can all groove to.

Atif Aslam is an artist who needs no introduction. The renowned music artist has not only made his mark here but has won the hearts of millions in India as well. He is a global powerhouse who has performed all over the world, including in Bollywood.

Sona Rafiq, on the other hand, is an aspiring model and influencer. She previously captured everyone’s attention with a cameo in Pepsi’s hit dance track Sohna Tu (Why Not Meri Jaan x Dance) featuring Aima Baig, Taha Malik, HYDR, Rozeo, and Javid Bashir.

sona rafiq
Sona Rafiq Memon

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