Mansha Pasha Responds to Naseeruddin Shah’s Ill-Informed Statement on Sindhi

Mansha Pasha Shuts Him Down!

Recently, a new controversy erupted following the statement by legendary Indian actor Naseeruddin Shah regarding the status of the Sindhi language in Pakistan.

In a recent interview, the actor declared that the Sindhi language is no longer spoken in Pakistan, a statement that has been met with widespread criticism and backlash.

One notable voice among the dissenters is Pakistani actress Mansha Pasha, who vehemently disagreed with Shah’s assertion, highlighting her own personal experience as a Sindhi-speaking Pakistani.

Taking to Twitter, Mansha expressed her disagreement, emphasizing her personal experience as a Sindhi speaker both at home and in her daily life.

As a prominent figure within the Sindhi community, Pasha’s response holds significant weight and serves as an important reminder of the linguistic diversity that exists within Pakistan.

Furthermore, social media users have joined Pasha in criticizing Shah for his ill-informed remarks. The backlash against Shah highlights the collective disappointment and anger felt by Pakistanis who take pride in their Sindhi identity and language.

Naseeruddin’s statement, whether unintentional or not, demonstrates a lack of awareness about the linguistic fabric of Pakistan.

It is crucial for public figures like Naseeruddin Shah to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before making statements about topics they may not be well-informed about. Such claims, when made by influential individuals, can perpetuate false narratives and contribute to the erasure of linguistic diversity.

Mansha Pasha’s response to Naseeruddin Shah’s false claims about the Sindhi language is commendable. By challenging Shah’s inaccuracies, Pasha has shed light on the vibrant existence of Sindhi within Pakistan.

It is imperative for public figures to recognize the impact of their words and promote inclusivity, accuracy, and respect for the linguistic diversity that defines our nation.

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