Mansha Pasha Shuts Down Troll Who Misunderstood Her Point on Women in Films

She made quick work of the troll and showed him the door.

Mansha Pasha

Mansha Pasha, the breakout star from crime thriller Laal Kabootar, recently spoke about whether cinema caters to a certain audience. She also spoke about how these mindsets affect the representation of women in film.

The Laal Kabootar actress along with fellow actors Hareem Farooq and Osman Khalid Butt shared their views on women in film while attending a media festival.

She highlighted that certain movies cater to certain demographics and audiences. Some movies, which are made with upper-middle class audiences in mind, feature more progressive women characters.

“Films are being made for an upper middle class audience, who can afford expensive tickets, therefore the women in film are a lot more progressive than the women we see on TV.”

A logical observation, especially from someone who actually works in the entertainment biz.

Troll Attacks Mansha Pasha Over Her Remark

Of course, this one random troll completely ignored her rational argument and turned it into a moralizing sermon. Statements like ‘you will always be judged, discouraged and will never get acceptance ever’ were thrown around.

Mansha Pasha made quick work of this troll and showed him the door.

That didn’t deter the troll however. For all his insistence on ‘giving advice’, the guy seems to have forgotten no one has the right to judge people as sinners or otherwise. That authority belongs to someone else:

This one guy had a point regarding trolls who think they have the right to deliver moral sermons on Twitter:



‘FIA Official’ Goes Viral for Threatening a Bus Hostess [Video]

Sermonizing is Easy, Taking Action is Not

Remember that viral video of an ‘FIA official’ harassing a bus hostess? In an ideal world, most of the silent participants there could have thrown the abusive official off the bus, if they had any regard for safeguarding the rights and morals of womenfolk. As the video footage shows, that not exactly what happened. Of all the people on that bus, only one stood up for that bus hostess.

At the same time other people like Manal Faheem Khan used Mansha’s quote to raise other women issues in the industry.

Manal highlighted how women are treated in the biz are treated. She has a point why is everything a gender battle and not about helping victims.

Women Need to Stand Together

Mansha Pasha has spoken out about the need for women in this country to watch each other’s backs. She called for them to have a stronger voice together, instead of being divided.


LUMS Female Students Shut Down Misogynist Facebook Group That Featured Disgusting Memes

Mansha’s thoughts apply not just to women in the showbiz industry but from across all other walks of life as well. In an age where a bunch of men are defending their right of privacy being violated over a deeply problematic Facebook group that attacked women, surely there’s a need to sit down and think where the problem lies, instead of lecturing others of their morals on social media platform.


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