Mansha Pasha Sounds Alarm Over Wedding Season in Pakistan

People should not be holding weddings in the country these days.


Before we go on with our lives without a care about the Coronavirus outbreak, remember that even you may just help it spread faster without being aware of it. A lot of people don’t realize this. Pakistani actress Mansha Pasha has a message for those who are still keeping the ‘Shadi season‘ going even amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

The actress took to Twitter to school Lahoris who are not shutting down ‘Shadi season‘. Many experts have already concluded that one of the biggest preventative measures to contain the outbreak is by adopting social distancing.

β€œI’m seeing videos of people in Lahore at weddings where there’s dancing going on and a full function hall. Yaar ab is tarah tau na karo (Don’t do this at least).”



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Maybe it’s the city’s ‘live in the moment’ attitude. Or maybe it’s the misplaced confidence that this virus is a ‘boomer doomer‘ and that most of us are in the clear. Both of these attitudes reflect our insensitivity towards the disease, and we forget that we have loved ones well above their 60s too.

Our carelessness will ultimately bring the virus into our homes. No wonder the number of cases jumped from 20 cases on 10th March to 193 cases in Pakistan, just yesterday.

Is Mansha Pasha right?

Mansha Pasha’s concern is not misplaced as the World Health Organization (WHO) has already declared COVID-19 as a pandemic.

Other Pakistani celebs such as Shehzad Roy, Imran Abbas, and Hareem Farooq have also urged people to take all precautionary measures to contain the virus.

Additionally, all public gatherings have been banned due to the pandemic.


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Yet somehow people don’t think a wedding counts. If it’s not a small group then it’s a mass gathering.

Social distancing is another foreign concept where personal space is not a thing.


No wonder people who are just trying to steer clear of other souls are frustrated.


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