Mathira and Sonya Hussyn Settle Feud After Bullying Accusations

Earlier, Mathira had accused Sonya of bullying her in the past.


Sonya Hussyn and Mathira were recently caught up in a feud as the television host and VJ accused Sonya of bullying her in the past. It all happened when Sonya shared a recording of a tearful call with her father. Reacting to the video, Mathira wrote,

“These days, talk to your parents, heart to heart, but don’t forget to record it and post it.”


Mathira opens up about depression

She then opened up about her depression and claimed that Sonya Hussain had bullied her while they were on their way to IPPA Awards in London.

Mathira took it to her Instagram stories and recalled the time when she was at her lowest but still had to deal with other people’s negativity. She also revealed the ugly side of the industry, with people conspiring to lobby against her when someone wants to offer her work.

“After my divorce dealing with depression, there was a time when I hated how I looked. I wanted to change myself to make myself feel better so I cut my hair and dyed it blonde. “

Around the same time she was invited to the IPPA Awards in London and was travelling on the bus with other stars.

“I had my headphones on minding my own business when I got to know from other celebrities that miss Sonya Hussyn thought I was [a] she-male. I was so belittled that she was commenting on me when I didn’t say a word to anyone”




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But she is grateful that there were some people who stood by her side, such as actor Azfar Rehman. She later posted another story thanking all the people for supporting her and clarified that she doesn’t mean this as a publicity stunt but to remind people that as actors, people often don’t realize the damage they have done.

“You may be a superstar or a diva but I’m sorry if you have an ugly personality who bullies people and does not realise their mistake, sorry you are trash,” she wrote.


The actors have resolved their misunderstanding

Sonya Hussyn then reached out to her and was glad that “all her misunderstandings have been cleared.”

“Depression is real and very difficult to deal with. Hearing that Mathira had to deal with it alone was indeed heartbreaking.”


Mathira later acknowledged the call and said she spoke up because she was hurt.

“It’s off my chest. I feel better.”



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