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Mawra and Urwa Hocane Think Junk Food Causes Depression [Video]

Celeb science worse than mom science.

Mawra and Urwa Hocane

Mental illness is widely misunderstood in our part of the world. Even now most people just assume what causes depression in people, and most of the time they are wrong about it. And this time, its none other than Mawra and Urwa Hocane who took a tall leap regarding the cause of depression.

Looks like even educated celebs with a powerful platform can not refrain from spreading misinformation. Recently the Hocane sisters recently linked junk food to depression. One wonders if they confused obesity with depression?

Here’s What Happened

It all started with a morning show. Mawra and Urwa Hocane were on Nida Yasir’s morning show when they decided to preach ‘how junk food causes depression‘.

You can watch what they said here:


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Of course, none of their statements were backed by any research or studies.

They even said the only reason depression is a rampant menace in society is because of junk food.

Twitter Responds of Mawra and Urwa Hocane

Now while there are some people who believe anything they read on the Internet, a vast majority on Twitter called the Hocane sisters out.

First things first. No one has anything against healthy eating. In fact with Pakistan’s communal culture revolving around home-cooked meals, most people eat healthy food. This means no frozen foods, canned goods, processed products for some of us.

Homecooked Pakistani cuisine is made from fresh veggies, herbs and more, which isn’t exactly unhealthy.

Back to the topic, Twitter had a field day picking apart this morsel of  ‘celeb science’.



The Internet is outraged with the Hocane sisters’ insensitivity towards mental illness. The argument ‘it’s all because of what you put in your body‘ comes across as emotionally dismissive. Yes, drugs like meth and cocaine can do a number on your body, but that is not what the sisters are talking about here.



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While stunts like this are not uncommon on the Nida Yasir show, people called out the ignorance of Mawra and Urwa Hocane.

People actually spend almost a decade to become a certified, licensed psychiatrist or psychotherapist.

Of course, there were people that will agree with anything their fav celebs say.

Netizens even made sure to grand slam them.

Some people were kind enough to share credible research with them.

Depression is a Complex Issue

Beside what celeb science might have you believe, depression is a complex disease. However, if one had to oversimplify it, depression occurs due to a chemical imbalance in the brain.

What causes this chemical imbalance is a number of variables working together. Some possible variables that cause depression including faulty mood regulation by the brain, genetic vulnerability, stressful life events, medications, and medical problems, etc.

While Harvard Medical School‘s research does establish that some nutritional deficiencies, such as a lack of vitamin B12 can contribute to other medical illness, which in turn can contribute to depression. Still, this isn’t remotely near saying that ‘junk food causes depression.

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