Here’s Why People Want “Conversations with Kanwal” to Replace Nida Yasir’s Show

This is so disappointing from Nida.

kanwal ahmed and nida yasir

Another day, another ill-considered stunt by morning show host and actress Nida Yasir.

Nida Yasir recently showed off her Euro Trip shopping on live television. Needless to say, her stunt didn’t sit well with most of us. One of these people included Kanwal Ahmed, the mind behind Soul Sisters of Pakistan Facebook Group.

For those who are unaware, Soul Sisters of Pakistan is the largest closed community of women in Pakistan, comprising women from all walks of life. The ladies have called out Nida Yasir’s elitism, pointlessness and sheer lack of quality content.

Why is Nida, a grown woman and adult, asking for validation on national TV? This and a host of other things left a bad impression on people.

Here’s the show in question:


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While Nida Yasir did what she did as a grown woman, there was bound to be some criticism as to how her show came across. Of course, people might argue that’s ‘freedom of expression‘ but it still doesn’t change how elitist and ill-thought out her antics were.

Naturally, members of Soul Sisters of Pakistan had some thoughts about it. Some of the things its members said has made Nida go on the defensive. In fact, she’s calling it ‘harassment‘.

To add to that, she’s using her celebrity platform to go after the mind behind Soul Sisters of Pakistan.

“I have ignored it for a while but not anymore. Soul Sisters is a whole group that targets me, it’s harassment.”

Dragging Kanwal Through the Dirt

Kanwal Ahmed did not even comment on the whole ordeal. She just heads the group that talked about this public ordeal, on national TV. So far Kanwal Ahmed has not even responded to Nida Yasir’s potshots.

Nida is even dragging Kanwal’s web show ‘Conversations with Kanwal‘ into this. The web-only talk show features Kanwal bringing in ordinary women to talk about issues they face as part of the general public.

Nida says:

“That Kanwal, the shows she does herself… she asks common people questions and digs out information that should not be shared on screen. She does it all for her ratings”

Good Morning Pakistan’s host thinks Kanwal ‘digs out information that should not be shared on-screen‘.

We got to ask, are issues like colorism, sexism, disabilities and more not worthy of being addressed in this day and age?

Here’s an episode from Conversations with Kanwal that touches upon dark skin and everything that results due to it:

We will just leave it to people here to decide which of these shows are better. And yes, we realize that both of these shows are geared towards different niches and audiences.

Nida Gets Denounced By Soul Sisters

The women of Soul Sisters of Pakistan were having none of this and clapped back. Some ladies even denounced Nida’s content and asked for sponsors and brands to air shows like ‘Conversations with Kanwal‘ that are insightful and inspiring. Content that draws on and acknowledges real problems of common women.

According to one of the guests on Kanwal’s show:

“Kanwal Ahmed is not judgmental. I shared my whole story with her without any hesitation felt like talking to a family member. SSP gave me encouragement, appreciation abt who I am. Women supporting women.”

Other fans pointed out how Kanwal inspired them to resolve their problems, by sharing similar struggles of common women.

“On Conversations with Kanwal, I heard this lady speaking about her brave journey to conceive and how along the way she had suffered multiple miscarriages. It made me feel strong and it genuinely eased my pain.”

Worlds Apart

People might be more irked by Nida Yasir digging into Kanwal Ahmed than the actual stunt that started all this.

Most folks are fuming over Nida Yasir’s elitist stunt on TV. Ironically, thanks to Nida Yasir’s attack on Kanwal Ahmed, many more people are now aware of  Kanwal’s show and how it focuses on the ongoing issues in society.

It couldn’t be too far of a stretch to say that most of the bright lights in Lollywood tend to focus on lavish pre-planned weddings, skin lightening treatments, and staged saas-bahu feuds. Even Aamir Khan does a show on social issues like Kanwal Ahmed is doing. So why aren’t more of Pakistani actresses taking a leaf from this book?


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Meanwhile, Conversations with Kanwal speaks out against all these ‘isms’. In fact, it has women bring on their real stories that include:

  • standing up to misogyny;
  • making something of yourself amid sexism;
  • a woman not letting her disability get in the way of her success;
  • surviving domestic abuse;
  • and more.

Will this movement gain enough momentum to have shows like Conversations with Kanwal replace horrifically outdated and unrelatable content on national television? One can hope.



  1. Very well-written, Ummara! I agree with you on Nida Yasir’s recent “elitist display”. Where she might argue that she’s sharing her happiness with her audience or expressing her freedom of speech, we as the “aam log” (as she has called us) have full right of boycotting and speaking out against her snobbish actions as out freedom of expression.