Maya Ali & Wasim Akram Make an Appearance Together [Pictures]

Jeeto Pakistan League

Sports celeb Wasim Akram and Maya Ali are competing in a whole other league. It’s not a sports league like you’d expect, it’s ‘Jeeto Pakistan League‘, the game show series.

While Wasim Akram is a revered sportsman, he isn’t in the spotlight much. Despite his philanthropic efforts, the sports star doesn’t make headlines as much.

While his giant fandom does keep tabs on him via his social media, seeing him on television is always a treat. Recently he appeared on Fahad Mustafa’s ‘Jeeto Pakistan League‘.


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JPL is a competitive series in Fahad Mustafa’s usual game show ‘Jeeto Pakistan Jeeto’. JPL was specifically created for Ramadan and was intended to be a part of Ramadan transmission.

This series has celebs compete in various game segments along with teams. Recently Wasim Akram and Maya Ali went head-to-head in JPL.


Maya Ali teamed up with Shaista Lodhi while Wasim Akram was paired with Humayoun Saeed. Watch the full episode here;

Wasim Akram is one of the few cricketers that dived into international cricket without playing any first-class cricket. Since his international debut, the cricket prodigy garnered many world records to his name.

He was dubbed the ‘King of Swing’ due to his sharp swing.

Yet Maya’s team gave Wasim’s team a run for their money in a water baloon throwing round and took home the prize.


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Maya Ali is a video jockey-cum-actress. Despite no sports background, the Mann Mayal actress was no less competitive. She started her career in 2011 and is now one of the most accomplished starlets in the biz.

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