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Medical Consultant Who Worked on Hollywood Film ‘Contagion’ Gets Coronavirus

The irony!


With the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve all been binge-watching pandemic/apocalypse films to prep ourselves. 2011’s blockbuster Contagion has been a popular pick, but Corona got to that too.

As though the Coronavirus hasn’t caused enough of a scare, recent reports reveal that the virus has gotten to the medical consultant who worked on ‘Contagion‘. The Director of the Centre for Infection and Immunity at Columbia University, Dr. Ian Lipkin was the medical consultant for the pandemic film Contagion.

What these people do is help filmmakers get their facts right. Yet even with his experience of tackling hypothetical outbreaks, he tested positive for Coronavirus.


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The New York Post reports Dr. Lipkin made the revelation in a recent television interview. Dr. Lipkin said what we were thinking, that ‘if he can contract the virus, anyone can‘.

“I would like to say on this show tonight, this has become very personal to me, too. Because I have COVID as of yesterday. It’s miserable, …. If it can hit me, it can hit anybody. That’s the message I want to convey.”

The case of Dr. Lipkin underscores how all of us are better off sticking to self-quarantine now that we know Contagion, Outbreak, Carriers, Quarantine, Ebola Syndrome, Doomsday, Patient Zero, won’t be much help. Not even zombie movies like World War Z and Train to Busan, can save us unless we practice social distancing.

The Only Tool

Dr. Lipkin stated the obvious saying ‘the best tool we have is isolation and confinement‘ and the only effective way of containing the virus. Since authorities can only enforce so much, people have to be responsible.

“We really don’t know when we’re going to get this under control. We have porous borders between states and cities, and unless we’re consistent, we’re not gonna get ahead of this thing.”


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Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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