Meet Saifullah Kashmiri, The Man on a Mission to Clean Up Pakistan

A role model for all of us.

Saifullah Kashmiri

Countries like Malaysia and Bangladesh are prioritizing a pollution-free environment for its citizens.  Pakistan too is also looking into investing in green and more sustainable solutions. However, one that that Pakistanis need to do better is to learn how to care for their environment better. And thank God for men like Saifullah Kashmiri, we think there’s hope that attitudes can change for the better.

Saifullah is a 42-year-old motorcyclist who is out to clean up Pakistan. He’s on a solo mission but hopes his actions can spur legions of our countrymen to emulate his example.

Saifullah Kashmiri is touring the country from Khunjerab to Gwadar on his bike and initiating clean up drives along the way.

Last we checked he wrapped up a clean up drive in Rattigali Lake.

While there are arguments over who should be cleaning up litter, this man took it upon himself to take action.

His story even got other people to share their own experiences.

Tourist spots often see the worst of this littering pandemic. This group cleaned up all the trash they encountered along the trek up Mushkpuri Top.


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One Twitter user urged the Minister of State for Climate Change, Zartaj Gul Wazir and Federal Minister of Climate Change, Malik Amin Aslam to appoint this man as an ambassador for the Ministry of Climate Change.


Others felt that authorities need to make better use of their resources and find a concrete solution to this problem. With Pakistan promoting its’ tourism industry, the influx of people may result in more litter in these scenic places.


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Majority of the public applauded Saifullah Kashmiri. While we all want municipal governments to do better, we should follow Saifullah Kashmiri’s lead and clean up after ourselves.

We must say that authorities shouldn’t make it a habit of relying on volunteers to save the day. After all they were the ones elected to put out these figurative fires.


Last but certainly not on the least, Saifullah even received love from across the border.


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