Meet The Pakistani Who Started the Hilarious ‘Major Adnan Sami’ Meme

That’s an information payload we weren’t expecting.

major adnan sami is a top twitter trend

Over the weekend, #MajorAdnanSami became the hottest Twitter trend. All this came as a reaction to the Pakistani-cum-Indian singer Adnan Sami’s undying and unnecessarily vocal support for the Indian Air Force post-Balakot incident.

While Indians thought it was a good day to see the former Pakistani singer support them, Pakistanis took it as a the perfect opportunity to turn the tables on him. All day long, Pakistanis went out of the way to reveal that Sami is a spy from the ISI.

What most of us don’t know is that one man single-handedly started this Twitter exposé.

Following @ashaqeen’s lead, fellow Pakistanis decided to elevate their meme game to the highest level. What followed was a meme fest.

The Best #MajorAdnanSami Memes

Here are some of the most astonishingly creative memes that depict Adnan Sami as an undercover ISI operative.

Don’t mess with the best, fellas.


What’s sad is that we didn’t even get his rank right. Yeah he’s been promoted post-Balakot airstrike. Good job, soldier.

This man even broke down the complex codes for secret message delivery. Sami is a smooth operator, risking it all by sharing messages out in the open.

More hidden messages.

Oh No! Our agent has been compromised. Is that why we sent back Abhinandan? As a truce to keep Sami safe?


At least Pakistan is doing its part to keep Sami safe.


Here we go again, another agent down because we spilled the tea.

Back to the guy who started it all:

He even ditched the hashtag along the way because now we know where to go when looking for an ‘Adnan Sami is an ISI agent’ meme.

Lets take a moment to credit the guy behind it all:

As an added bonus, here’s an extra tweet.


Written by Ummara Sheraz

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