Mehwish Hayat Proves Her Martial Arts Skills With the Bottle Cap Challenge [Video]

No one’s going to mess with her after this.


By now, most of us may have seen that video where Hollywood badass Jason Statham does the Bottle Cap Challenge.

In case you haven’t, here you go:

Well that was some kick. Many people were of the view that pfttt…. this ain’t a big deal for an action movie star like Jason.


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The Fuss About Bottle Cap Challenge

Do we even need to explain it? Basically, the internet has come up with a new viral challenge where anyone can go head to head against a plastic water bottle, hoping to knock its cap off with style and grace that could make Jackie Chan blush.

Heck even Akshay Kumar decided to take the Bottle Cap Challenge. Did he nail it though?

Fine, even Akshay did it. But then again, he’s a bit of a ‘khiladi’ (playa) himself no?

But what about Donnie Yen, one of the biggest martial arts movie stars in the world today?

Yen be like, ok lets see what I can do with this:

Mehwish Hayat Accepts The Challenge

All these Bollywood and Hollywood peeps have got the Bottle Cap Challenge pat down. Surely some Pakistani celebrities might have taken them up on their challenge by now.

Turns out, its none other than Mehwish Hayat, who decided to do a kick that could silence her critics once and for all.

Boys, you don’t want to butt heads with one of the most successful actresses in Pakistan today. After all, Mehwish does do a mean flying kick.

Epic Fails or Genius Variation?

Not everyone can nail this fiendishly difficult feat. But there’s no harm in trying right?

With that in mind, accomplished Asian Martial arts movie star Tony Jaa decided to test his ‘skills’ for this viral challenge. And the results are….. we don’t want to spoil it for you:

Some of us actually got super creative with the challenge:

Creative you say? Well you can’t beat this dude in that department:

We bet if most of us tried it, it could more or less end this way:


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