Michael Jackson’s Nephew is in Love with Pakistan [Pictures]

Jaafar Jackson is currently in Lahore.

Though Pakistan never got to host the King of Pop Michael Jackson himself, but we do have cause to celebrate these days. We have his nephew Jaafar Jackson, who is visiting the country for the first time. And boy does he love it!

Jaafar, who himself is a budding singer, songwriter, and entertainer, is pleasantly surprised with the love and hospitality he has received from Pakistanis.

As to what brings him to Pakistan, he is here with China-Pakistan Investment Corporation and Zeeshan Shah, the corporation’s founding member.

A Trip to Remember

On the first day of the trip, Jaafar wrote on his Instagram post that he was super excited to visit Pakistan. He was looking forward to meeting students from different universities.


He now seems to be enjoying Pakistan!

In a recent post, Jaafar described his experience of visiting various universities of the country, as ‘incredible’ saying that he has received a warm welcome everywhere he visited.


“Everyone in the country has been so kind, welcoming and sweet. So, it means a lot to me, and I look forward to coming back here, doing a show, and interacting with more people.

Jaafar says he is enjoying every bit of it. And we wouldn’t be any happier about it!


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