Minal Khan In Hot Water for Recent Photoshoot

Fans did not appreciate the actress’s intimate shoot with model Husnain Lehri

Minal Khan

Popular actress Minal Khan has landed herself in a bit of a controversy as fans and followers of the Jalan star are fuming with anger at her recent behind the scenes (BTS) post on her social media account. Minal’s fan base did not appreciate seeing the young starlet in such an ‘intimate’ photo-shoot.



Minal and Aiman Khan are among the few actresses in the showbiz industry who are beloved by almost everyone. While Aiman decided to settle down and focus on her family life with her husband Muneeb Butt and adorable daughter Amal Muneeb, Minal is working hard to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

The young star has delivered some brilliant performances in drama serials such as Dil Nawaz, Parchayee, Ki Jaana Mein Kaun, Hasad, and Jalan. The two sisters have managed to become a household name in their own way.




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Another reason why people love Aiman and Minal Khan is because of their decency. Aiman and Minal are one of the few celebrities who have never worn revealing clothes or done intimate shoots with models. Which is why many of Minal’s fans are disappointed in her. The Jalan star shared a BTS for her upcoming photo-shoot with Husnain Lehri which created a bit of controversy on social media.




Fans started criticizing Minal on her Instagram post and how she should be more like her sister Aiman. Here are some of the comments. Check it out:



What do you think about Minal’s photo-shoot, is it controversial? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. Criticism is good sometime on some issue but when you cross your limits.
    I mean in Pakistan law you have no rights to abuse anybody. If any person wear such dressing which you don’t like please don’t watch them…….
    If Minal act something… It is a part of her work…if anybody don’t like this please move on …but you have no rights to abuse her……

  2. Sub aisy baat kr rahy hain jaisy ky is ny koi unoki harkat ki hy is waqat pakistan my yay sub kuch aisy hi call raha hy us ki main waja koi nhi dykh raha jis ky pass paisa hy usi ki ezat hoti hy yay such hy magar karwa kabi apny graybano my janko to sahi sub kuch saaf nazar ay ga

  3. I didn’t get it why ppl are criticizing her,I’m not in support of this type of photoshoots but the thing is we don’t have right to judge anyone
    If we don’t like their acts and things then we should just stop following them…..

  4. Itne ghatiya reply dene se kia ye log theek ho jaen ge?😠….theek h mana k minal n galat kia h or samjhana chahye but first of all koi dosra whi kre ga jo use theek lage….or dosra kisi ko samjhane ka bhi ek shi tareqa hota h….ahar itne ghatiya tareqe se smjhao ge to us n sudharne ki bjae mazeed hi bigrna h jis ko bhi kh rhe ho…or ek bat or kisi ki zubaan uski khud ki auqat btati h dosre ki nhi…so think before you say🧐

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