‘STFU’: Minal Khan Claps Back at Trolls Over Another Plagiarized Post On Instagram

“Can you do something about it? I will wait bro,” Minal calls out the trolls.

Actress Minal Khan claps back at the internet trolls for making fun of her. The Jalan starlet has had enough of people calling her out for posting pictures from internet.

For the past few days, the internet has turned actress Minal Khan into a meme. The Jalan star was guilty of copy-pasting the Instagram story of Hollywood celebrity Kylie Jenner, passing it off as her own.

Minal Khan - Kylie Jenner

The internet made some hilarious, albeit insensitive, memes to troll the actress on social media. Minal Khan kept her cool and ignored the trolls making fun of her. Recently, the actress shared some more aesthetically pleasing pictures on her Instagram stories with captions that made it look like she took the pictures herself. However, that’s not the case as the internet called out the actress for plagiarizing, again!

This was the final straw for Minal Khan as she took to social media to clap back at the trolls for calling her out.

“It’s my Instagram, I will post whatever I like,” Minal writes. “And it’s my life, I will live however I like. Yes, I’ve Pinterest and many other apps. Yes, I like these kind of pictures. And yes, I will keep posting. Can you do something about it? I will wait bro.”

Minal finishes the statement with a savage “STFU” to the haters.

What do you think about Minal Khan’s response to all the internet trolls making fun of her for copy-pasting pictures off of the internet? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  1. No big deal, this is not something to create fuss about… That’s her personal life and people should mind thier own business…

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