Models Arrested For Nude Photoshoot in Dubai

The women landed on the public radar after a video of naked women posing on a balcony to the backdrop of Dubai went viral.

Israeli tourists in Dubai

One man’s art is another’s vulgarity. A group of models was arrested in Dubai for a nude photoshoot. These women landed on the public radar after a video of naked women posing on a balcony to the backdrop of Dubai went viral.

Dubai Police arrested a group of people on charges of public debauchery. Police said the arrested women and photographer have been referred to the public prosecution over the indecent video. A police statement said such unacceptable behaviors do not reflect the values and ethics of Emirati society.


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Despite being a tourists hotspot, the United Arab Emirates still complies with Sharia law. Even actions such as kissing in public or drinking alcohol without a license have landed people in jail. The UAE’s ‘violations of the public decency’ law carry penalties of up to six months in prison and a 5,000 dirham ($1,360) fine.

“People have been arrested for wearing T-shirts deemed to be offensive yet they were out there in plain sight of the rest of the buildings.” said Radha Stirling

Violations of the public decency law include nudity and other lewd behavior. Meanwhile, the sharing of pornographic material is also punishable with prison time and hefty fines under the country’s laws.


Who’s Behind the Nude Photoshoot

The DailyMail reports that a Russian photographer, Alexey Konstov, is said to have staged the nude photoshoot in Dubai.

When photographs and videos from the photoshoot showcasing a dozen naked women, lined up on a balcony went viral on social media they all landed in hot waters. The photoshoot took place in Dubai’s upscale Marina neighbourhood in broad daylight. It came as a shock in the federation of seven Arab sheikhdoms.

Associated Press reports that state-linked newspaper, The National, stated the photoshoot appeared to be a publicity stunt, without elaborating. Meanwhile, Metro UK reports that Director of Detained in Dubai, Radha Stirling said the X-rated shoot is believed to be part of a campaign for an Israeli porn channel.

“Initially we were being told that it was the Israeli branch of a US adult website and now we are hearing that it’s an Israeli porn channel,”


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Despite having more lenient laws compared to its Middle Eastern neighbours, Dubai still has strict laws governing expression. People can go to prison for comments and videos online. The country’s majority of state-owned telecom companies block access to major pornographic websites.

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