Mohsin Abbas Haider Removed From Fashion Campaign ‘Guddi Wang’ [Video]

The actor was recently accused of domestic abuse by his wife.


Mohsin Abbas Haider has been in the line of fire after it emerged that he may have physically assaulted his wife Fatima Sohail. Many celebrities have come out in support of his wife, saying that Mohsin has exhibited similar behavior for far too long.

After getting fired from Dunya TV over the domestic abuse saga, it seems that fashion designer Fahad Hussayn has followed up next. The designer previously included Mohsin in his newest fashion campaign ‘Guddi Wang’ by Zeb Bangash.


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No More Mohsin Abbas Haider in Guddi Wang

To distance himself from the actor, Fahad Hussayn has only cut out the part featuring Mohsin from his latest campaign about old school Punjabi weddings.

This is what Fahad had to say about him and the brand not endorsing what Mohsin Abbas Haider did:

“Fahad Hussayn Couture as a brand stands against violence, harassment and gender discrimination, Also is a staunch supporter of women empowerment and equal rights for everyone. Thus, the brand does not want to be associated with any alleged person who is involved in any activity that holds us back from improving as a society.”



Mohsin Abbas Haider Fired From His Show on Dunya TV

The video of the song originally featured Sadaf Kanwal alongside Mohsin. Even her scenes have also been taken out in order to maintain continuity. You can only see Zeb Bangash in the video song for movie Baaji:

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  1. I disagree taking Mohsin from this program. Every one listened to the lady only and nobody did anything to this young man. Very bad system here. SORRY to say.

  2. Why he is not proven guilty yet, this is very wrong, one should not take step like this, removing him from his professional work is idiotic,

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