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Mohsin Abbas Haider Fired From His Show on Dunya TV

Following allegations of domestic assault against him.


Mohsin Abbas Haider, the singer-turned-actor who was been in the news over charges of assault against his wife Fatima Sohail, has been reportedly sacked from his show. The host of Mazaaq Raat was booted out by his employer Dunya News, after his wife went public with the abuse she faced at his hands.

Mohsin actually got his start from Mazaaq Raat. WIth his stint at Dunya TV, he played a DJ who sang from time to time. He also invited artists from all over Pakistan such as Qaiser Piya, Akram Uddaas and more. He took over the show after the departure of actor Nauman Ijaz.


Mohsin Abbas Haider Says Did Not Hit Pregnant Wife, Doesn’t Say He Didn’t Cheat

Mohsin Abbas Haider Fired After Social Media Uproar

When people saw the severe injuries on Fatima Sohail’s face, ostensibly perpetuated by a rather angry Mohsin, there were calls to remove him from his show altogether.

Some of them even tagged his employer so that they could take notice of the public sentiment against him:

Following the growing chorus against Mohsin Abbas Haider, his employer has announced that the singer-actor is no more a part of their start.

Many Pakistani celebrities have also gone on social media to condemn Mohsin’s behavior against his wife.


Iqra Aziz Slams Mohsin Abbas Haider & His Supporters Over Assault on Wife


With the news of Mohsin Abbas Haider fired from his show, a message has been set for serial abusers who think just because they are famous, they can get away with it all.



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  1. This is a tragic situation. However, there are always two sides to every story. Why we judge each side so quickly, create a case, without real witness, and decide guilty and innocent?
    People should not be allowed to make social media decision about someone’s private life.
    Also, taking someone’s job away based on social media uproar is brutal. A committee should be formed or that victim must go to authority to varify her situation.
    People stop judging!

  2. So surprising…taking such an extreme action on single fb msg without any proper proofs….against such a brilliant actor and singer who did not leave your show even after getting so famous, getting lot of films and dramas. When all other members of the show left one after the other, with one reason or the other…he is the most persevered artist of the show and this depicts his credibility as well… sad on duniya tv’s action…more sad on every one’s reaction ….should support or oppose anyone only after something is proved in favour or against someone.. my lifelong experience says that no one can know what actually is going on between a husband and a wife except themselves…others can only make estimations

  3. I oppose the dunya news decision.i don’t know what is reality but before any result this attitude of dunya news is not good. So think before take any decision think about the day of judgment.

  4. Pitiful situation when we strongly judge and stakes a career of such talented being,stop all this partibazi against any being’s act,must not be a judge on our own we have no right,please dunyaa tv bring such talented singer back and don’t take decisions being so hard on any being,please don’t let kindness n forgiveness deleted for anyone from this small world where none of us is made 100 percent innocent,
    Stop being after anyone..

  5. Welcome to 2019, where all the major decisions concerning someone’s life are made based on a social media post which too is based on no evidence to help it to stand its ground. Good job Dunya News, by ruining the only watch-able show on your channel.

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