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Murder of Two Youngsters in Tirah Sends Shockwaves Throughout Country

Humanity has failed.


Two young brothers, aged 6 and 8 were kidnapped a few days ago in Tirah Maidan, FATA. On Thursday, March 26, their dead bodies were recovered from a sewer near a mosque.

This is not the world we want our children to live in

According to the residents of the area, Asif and Munsif had gone to tuition as per routine but did not return home. Their father had taken his mother to the Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar. When he got the news of his sons gone missing, he immediately left for his hometown.

May their souls rest in peace.


Man Comes Back Home After Being Buried By Family

A heinous crime committed just for the sake of ‘property’ and money

Shafiq Afridi, the father of the victims, alleged that the heinous crime was conducted by his cousins in order to usurp his property. And unfortunately, as subsequent investigations later revealed, his allegations were true.

It’s a shame that the murderers were uncles to the two kids. The perpetrators Mughal Shah and Jahangir Khan have been arrested and have confessed to their crimes of kidnapping and then throwing their dead bodies in the sewer.

People of the area have been demanding justice for Asif and Munsif for days now. And today, in the wake of their confession, an enraged mob has burned down and demolished the houses of the perpetrators.


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