Nadeem Baig Spills the Tea on Yasir Hussain – Nausheen Feud

Looks like Yasir Hussain landed in hot waters yet again.

Looks like Yasir Hussain landed in hot waters yet again. This time over his recent feud with Nausheen Shah. We already know how the comedian got on Nausheen Shah’s bad side. Did you know he let Vasay Chaudhry take the blame for asking the question that sparked the feud, when he was behind that as well!

When Vasay Chaudhry asked Bandi actor Yasir Hussain about an uninvited guest at his wedding, the Jhooti actor’s response sparked an ugly celebrity feud on social media. Now director Nadeem Baig is dishing out the dirt on how it all started.


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In his appearance on Nida Yasir’s morning show, the Punab Nahi Jaungi director revealed;

“When my associate went up to him [Yasir] while his makeup was being done to know if he wanted anything included, Yasir told him to ask who attended his wedding uninvited.”

His revelation left actors Ahmad Ali Butt and Humayun Saeed taken aback, who described it as the ‘biggest piece of gossip‘.

Previously comedian and writer, Vasay Chaudhry was criticised for asking such a question on his show back in February.

At the time Yasir Hussain said that since his and Iqra Aziz’s wedding card was on social media, everyone had an invite. He then singled out Nausheen Shah saying she showed up uninvited.

Nausheen Shah at Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain’s wedding

Nausheen Shah was not at all pleased by the remarks. She responded to the comments saying;

“Would anyone go to someone’s house uninvited?” she said. “I feel so sorry for Yasir because he certainly has serious memory issues.”

At the time Yasir Hussain had accused the ‘whole system’ of being wrong, not just him. He placed the blame the show, the ‘bloggers’ who propagate the content, and the people who watch.

“If I am wrong for speaking the truth, then people who are asking such questions are also wrong, people who are watching the channel are also wrong, … Stop this truth or dare or rapid-fire [rounds] for ratings.”

Yasir Hussain shifting the blame for his feud with Nausheen Shah


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However, now Nadeem Baig spilled the tea on that charade. How do you think Yasir Hussain will respond to this?

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