Nadia Hussain Fires Back At Cyberbullies

The model made the trolls apologize for their rude behaviour

It is a common nuisance for celebrities to have to deal with trolls and mean-spirited people on social media. Internet trolls think that celebrities are too afraid to respond to their bullying, but that’s not who Nadia Hussain is!

The popular Pakistani model didn’t just respond, but she made the trolls apologize for their rude behaviour.

Many celebrities have to deal with cyber-bullies and negative comments.

Nobody Likes a Cyber Bully

When a celebrity posts something, even in good spirits, there is always someone out there looking to phew hate and negativity onto the celebrity. Recently, these trolls learned their lesson that nobody messes with Nadia Hussain.

In a recent post on Instagram, some internet trolls commented rudely on the models post. They said things like: “Celebrities Jawab kesay Desakti hai.” “Celebrity ki aankhein hoti hain comments parhne ke liye?” (dont these celebs respond? Don’t they have eyes to read comments?).


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Nadia Delivers A Savage Response

Little did they know that Nadia Hussain reads her followers’ comments and decided to teach them a lesson. The comments did not go down well with the actress who read it and forced the user to post an apology.

She later shared the apology with the user’s comments, who also complained about being blocking from seeing her posts.

She Made Them Apologize

The actress responded in a fury at her Instagram post saying that people think that celebrities would not read their comments so they could post any thing they desire and later apologize for it.

”YES I READ ALL COMMENTS OK? So next time do me a favor!! Do either of these below,” the actress wrote in her post detailing that one should either shup up, say something good or keep quiet or unfollow her.

“Simple!!!! KHUSH RAHO AUR DOOSRON KO BHI KHUSH REHNAY DO!!!” (Be happy and let others be happy as well).

Beware of Nadia Hussain!

Talk about savage! Well, we know now that you don’t mess with Nadia Hussain, she certainly doesn’t hold back.


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