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Nadia Hussain Gets Shamed Over Her Latest Instagram Post

Fans didn’t take well to her promoting animal captivity.

Nadia Hussain is being shamed for an Instagram post.

A model being shamed for a picture is nothing new, but apparently in this case, the cause happens to be a humanitarian one.

The model a posted a picture with her family, with a chained lion in their midst. And as it turns out, it got people talking about animal cruelty.

The animal was just there to serve as foreground to make the family look good. After this stunt things don’t look so good for Nadia’s following.

Its safe to assume that Hussain’s fanbase is¬†mostly comprised of people who think of her as a celebrity who knows what she is doing and stands up for the right thing. In this one particular case however, they were not having any of it.

While there were some people who may have went ‘wow’ over her recent post, many didn’t. Plenty of animal lovers and people that just stick up for the right thing schooled the model.


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People suggested that as a public celebrity, Hussain should promote animal rights not captivity. They said that she should use her fame for awareness on animal captivity.


There was another post as well. Perhaps Nadia didn’t realize it at the time, but filming weak animals being starved in captivity is not fun.

The move has cost the model a lot of followers, and lets hope that served as a lesson.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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