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Nauman Ijaz Has Strong Opinions on Reactions to Corona [Video]

Everyone’s been ignorant he says

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic having placed the world is a lockdown, everyone’s reflecting. Some are reflecting on their self others on society. Seems Nauman Ijaz has been reflecting on the world and he even shared his two cents on the world reaction to the Coronavirus pandemic.

According to one of the prominent actors in the Pakistani industry, he’s realized the ‘the collective ignorance of the West‘.

The actor shared his thoughts in a recent video. He stated that the disease has exposed ‘we’re all ignorant in one way or another‘.

Haan corona ney eik cheez be-niqab kee. Woh yeh kay mein hamesha sey yeh samajh tarha kay sirf jahalat Pakistan mein hai. (Corona has unveiled one thing. Before I used to think ignorance was only present in Pakistan)”

For us, the West is more educated with a more developed infrastructure. However, it is common knowledge that even the United States and developed states have not been able to contain spread of the deadly virus.

Nauman Ijaz talked about how countries like Britain and the US, are equally if not more ignorant than Pakistanis.


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“Leken mazey kee baat yeh samnay aayi hai iss sari situation sey. Angrezi bolney wala bhi bohat jahil hai,  (but The interesting that that has been revealed in this whole situation is that those that speak English are also ignorant, in fact, plenty ignorant),” he said.

The actor criticized the way people in Britain and the US reacted to the lockdown. He was implying how residents of both countries raided supermarkets.


In the case of Italy and Spain, is Nauman Ijaz right in blaming these countries?

The actor might be hinting that the public initially took the threat too lightly. Yet no country in the world powered through ‘shadi season‘ like no big deal. Neither did they go on hangouts when schools, colleges, and offices were closed for social distancing.

However, Nauman Ijaz did pray for all affected countries and hoped that the pandemic will be over soon. In an earlier video, he had given a shout-out to the doctors working tirelessly in the service of the public. The actor called on everybody to collectively wave the white flag in their tribute. For more news, stay posted.


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Written by Sher Alam


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