Nausheen Shah Gives Her Two-Cents On Feud With Yasir Hussain

The actress feels sad for the public criticism on Yasir.

Popular actress and model Nausheen Shah gave her two-cents on the celebrity feud with Yasir Hussain.

Nausheen Shah is a very popular and respected actress of the Pakistani entertainment industry. The talented actress has made a name for herself by portraying very interesting characters in acclaimed drama serials such as Pani Jesa Payar, Noor Jehan, and Dewaar-e-Shab to name a few.

‘Crashing’ Iqra And Yasir’s Wedding

The actress is known for her outspoken nature and creating controversy, albeit unintentionally. One of the these controversies involves the Rehai star attending Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain’s wedding “uninvited”.

The showbiz couple had posted their wedding invitation on social media. Thus, anyone can come to their wedding. However, Yasir decided to make a fuss by complaining about an uninvited guest at his wedding. The comment backfired on the Jhooti star as fans and celebrities did not appreciate his remark. None more so than Nausheen Shah.


Recently, the popular actress sat down for an interview on the YouTube talk show To Be Honest. The host of the talk show asked Nausheen about her thoughts on the whole controversy with Yasir Hussain. The actress gave her two-cents on the matter, stating:

“I go to celebrity weddings without getting an invitation, I crash weddings and I love it”.

The host added that certain celebrities are making their name on such gossip to which Nausheen said, “I think we should leave it and we should not give a lot of mileage to this”.

She further added, “Public has already criticized them a lot. I don’t know but I feel sad, I genuinely feel sad about this and such things show your nature.”

Check out the full interview here:

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Written by Sher Alam


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