Nazia Hassan’s 15 Greatest Songs of All Time

Everyone has a favorite Nazia Hassan song.

nazia hasan

Who doesn’t remember Nazia Hassan? The legendary singer left us all so soon, but her music… it continues to live on. Its amazing how her pop songs still reminds us of a time when things were so simple.

With a huge fan following of millions of music lovers from all around the world, no wonder Nazia Hassan continues to lives on in our hearts.

We have compiled a list of some of her most famous hits here.

1. Disco Deewane

This immortal song was recently remixed for Karan Johar’s Student of the Year but nothing beats the original. Its a perfect 80s love ballad.

Even its music video’s a symbolic one, back when that wasn’t even cool.

2. Boom Boom

Not all 80s disco tracks were too loud, too whiny or too much synthpop.

Nazia Hassan’s Boom Boom proves that disco tracks can have lyrical depth.

3. Aap Jaisa Koi

Bollywood has reaped the benefits of Pakistan’s spectacular vocalist since forever and 80s are no exception.

Nazia Hassan’s Aap Jaisa Koi was picturized with the spunky Zeenat Aman.

4. Gayen Mil Kar

Back when they didn’t have auto-tune, these were the vocals of a sixteen year old.

You got to listen to this to believe it.

5. Lekin Mera Dil

The disco era was big on love and not break ups. That didn’t stop Nazia Hasan from breaking away from the prevailing trends of the time.

Lekin Mera Dil bucked the trend, a much-needed break-up ballad from the era.

6. Khushi

When a love song meets break-up ballad thats Khushi in a nutshell.

This is a track that you can jam to, cry to and run to. The modern equivalent of this may probably be Wreaking Ball.

7. Mein Aya Tere Liye

Another track that’s gone Bollywood, Mein Aya Tere Liye features Nazia with her brother Zoheb Hasan.

Give this one a listen.

8. Tere Kadmon Ko

Another track that featured Zoheb Hasan opposite his sister,  Tere Kadmon Ko made us rock.

Its a good trippy tune.

9. No Entry

Nazia Hassan was paired in a duet with legendary Bollywood vocalist Kishore Kumar for No Entry.

For the Bollywood version, this track featured Mithun and Meenakshi.

10. Aankhien Milane Waaley

That thought that irks all of us when we have a crush – are we memorable enough to our crushes as they are to us? Yes Nazia, you are. We’ll never get over you.

11. Rock n Roll

Another song from the film Mein Balwaan. Meenakshi and Mithun are really rocking it to this track.

12. Jaana

Coke Studio did a remake of this one with Zoe Vicaji. While Zoe’s vocals are iconic in their own way there’s no replacing Nazia’s vocal powerhouse.

13. Koi Nahein

She’s had our hearts since we first heard one of her songs. A love for music still going strong.

14. Dil Mera

While all our hearts may not agree on the best Nazia Hassan song. We can all agree that there’s a Nazia Hassan song for all of us.

15. Dosti

An evergreen friendship anthem that is going strong. That’s Nazia Hasan to you.


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