‘Nazia Hassan Was Poisoned By Her Husband,’ Zohaib Hassan [Video]

21 years after her death, her brother and music partner Zohaib Hassan made serious allegations against Nazia’s husband, Ishtiaq Baig.

Nazia Hassan's husband - Zoheb Hassan

Nazia Hassan, the pop sensation of Pakistan passed away at the age of 35 on August 13, 2000, after a prolonged battle with cancer. Now, 21 years after her death, her brother and music partner Zohaib Hassan have made serious allegations against her husband, Ishtiaq Baig.

In an interview with Samaa TV, Zohaib Hassan alleged that Ishtiaq Baig fed her arsenic, which caused cancer in the first place. Moreover, he treated her badly and illegally detained her in the UK.


Was Nazia Hassan poisoned?

According to him, before her death, Nazia Hassan had filed for divorce and in a written testimony, accused Baig of poisoning her.

“I did not level any allegations. These are things Nazia wrote herself in a 10-page long testimony. The testimony clearly states that the man had her eat or drink something and treated her very badly,” he said.

He further alleged that her deteriorating health was due to the arsenic that was slipped into her meals. Zohain told the news outlet that his sister first developed ovarian cancer, but got better after one ovary was removed and cancer went into remission. The doctors had given her a NOC, and he showed that during the interview.

“Then she went to Morocco and Thailand with him. Upon her return, she was coughing blood. It was discovered then that she had developed lung cancer,” he said, quoting the testimony.

The doctors were shocked to see this. However, till her last breath, Nazia wanted to part ways with her husband and she had also filed for divorce. But, she was detained in the UK by Ishtiaq Baig, and then even after she passed away, her body was withheld by Scotland Yard for five months, who were probing the case.

“The biggest mistake we made was marrying her off to him,” Zohaib said.



Ishtiaq Baig denies allegations

Nazia Hassan’s husband Ishtiaq Baig has denied the allegations and announced that he will take Zohaib to court for defamation. He appeared on SAMAA TV’s show 7 se 8 yesterday, clarifying his stance.

Upon Kiran Naz’s questions, he said that Nazia was the love of his life and he married her despite her being diagnosed with cancer.

“I still love her and we didn’t get divorced. I was her husband till her death,” he said.

According to him, Zohaib Hassan and his family fabricated the divorce certificate and nobody had ever harmed her in any way.

“The death certificate I have, which I will show you, gives details of how she died of cancer and it mentions me as her husband.”

Moreover, he also made serious allegations against Zohaib and his father. According to Ishtiaq Baig, Nazia’s father came to him and asked him to give £1 million in order to get the custody of his son, Arez. Baig refused to give the ‘ransom’ for his son, which is why they are dragging him down after 21 years.


The couple started having problems in their marriage after Nazia had left the music industry. Baig claims that it ended Zohaib’s career and that’s why he came after his money.

“Zohaib Hassan was an active MQM worker. I bore all the expenses for Nazia’s treatment and I can prove that.”

Ishtiaq Baig further added that Nazia had insisted on having children. If she hadn’t, she would have recovered from cancer as it wouldn’t be fatal. When the host asked whether he wants the custody of his son now, he said that he doesn’t want to cause any problems for him.





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