Ali Zafar Responds Cheekily to Netizens Brutal Trolling His New Bold Fashion Statement [Images]

“pink underwear pehan liya tha. Aur bata”. 

Popular singer, songwriter, and actor, Ali Zafar, is continuing his mission to kill concepts of “stone age mardangi (manliness)” with his latest social media posts.

The Teefa In Trouble star shared his new look on Instagram with hashtag: ‘breaking stereotypes’ as he showed off his all-black look, complete with jet black nail polish, a glittery black rhinestone-baroque bomber jacket with matching MC Hammer pants, and high-heeled ankle boots.

ali zafar

He captioned it

You define who you are. No one else.

ali zafar

Ali Zafar was in Lake City, Lahore yesterday to perform at a concert

Fans of Zafar are cringed out by his questionable fashion choices. Netizens harshly criticize the Channo singer in the comment with one fan hilariously suggesting he “try some bangles and lehenga next time”.

ali zafar

Another follower commented, “Yani k u are going to chang ur gender….. Don’t forget u r muslim sir…”

Ali Zafar read all the comments and even responded to a fan who asked jokingly suggested he should have worn pink nail polish.

pink underwear pehan liya tha. Aur bata.

The Kill Dil star certainly looks like he took inspiration from his little brother Danyal Zafar, or did he?

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