Netizens Flak Sanam Jung for Wearing Fat Suit Her Upcoming Serial ‘Pyari Mona’

The serial is about breaking stereotypes and an unconventional take on body shaming.

Actress Sanam Jung is back after a long hiatus in the upcoming drama serial Pyari Mona which is about breaking the stereotypes and unconventional take on body shaming. She plays the role of a plus-sized woman in it but the news did not go down well with netizens.

Although the drama received a positive response at first for tackling the real-life issue, the Dil-e-Muztar star received a lot of criticism for playing the role of an obese woman. Netizens think that rather than making her wear a fat suit for the role, a real plus-sized actress should have been cast for the leading role.

A storm of comments started questioning the authenticity of the story and proceeded to highlight the irony of the situation.

Here are a few comments by people pointing out the double standards of the media industry. They are also questioning why the Pyari Mona crew did not cast Faiza Saleem if it is so determined to ‘shatter stereotypes’ about being overweight.

Pyari Mona is an eccentric story of a girl named Mona. Sanam Jung is playing the role of Mona, a fat girl who experiences body shaming. She represents all the big-sized people in our society and stands for the criticism that they have to endure.

The trailer reveals that this drama is going to have elements of humor and criticism at the same time.


Its high time that the Pakistani serial and movie creators realized that they don’t always need to fake body types like Ahmed Ali Akbar was made to wear dark foundation to look like a dark-skinned man for the titular role in the popular 2021 drama series Parizaad, especially when there is no shortage of actors with the right type of physical characteristics to play certain roles.


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