Netizens Furious Over AirBlue Advert Sidelining Female Pilots

Yet again, a Pakistani company landed in hot waters over a biased job advert.

Yet again, a Pakistani company landed in hot waters over a biased job advert. A newspaper clipping of an AirBlue ad calling for male pilots has created an uproar on social media.

Despite the law barring gender-bias against female pilots, the company went ahead and posted a gender-biased advert for male pilots only.

The job listings on the AirBlue website also specify the position is for male pilots only.

AirBlue under fire for gender-biased job listings
Gender-biased job listing by Pakistani airline
Gender-biased job ad for Captain and First Officers cuts off female pilots


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Naturally, Netizens are infuriated. They pointed how the obvious gender discrimination is against the law.


However, that wouldn’t come as a surprise as the company continues to hire only women for cabin crew positions. This adds to the company’s brand image of enforcing gender roles in the workplace for the 50s.


How you ever spotted a male cabin crew while traveling via a Pakistani airline? While other airlines don’t post gender-biased job adverts, the gender gap is evident. Perhaps they should encourage more male cabin crew and female pilots to apply.

Gender-biased job postings by Pakistani Airlines


In Pakistan, there aren’t many female commercial airline pilots. There are countless examples of female pilots not being allowed to do the job they are trained for. Pakistan’s first female pilot, Shukriya Khanum never served as a pilot in Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), she worked as PIA’s Ground Instructor.

However, PIA got its act straight by taking onboard names like Maliha Sami, Ayesha Rabia, sisters Maryam Masood and Erum Masood, Maryam Masood, Shumaila Mazhar, etc.


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A recent example is Pakistan’s youngest female commercial pilot, Qaswa Mubarak. Was there ever a follow-up on a commercial airline actually hiring this female prodigy?

Can you recall a female pilot address you on a flight via a Pakistani airline? Let us know in the comments below.

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