Traffic Warden’s Daughter Becomes PAF’s First Female GD Pilot

Talk about flying past the odds!

Women have to go the extra mile to beat the odds. Economic hurdles only add to that struggle. So when the daughter of Sindh traffic warden became the first female General Duty (GD) pilot in Pakistan Air Force (PAF), the whole country rose to applaud her.

Nashrah Shakir, daughter of a traffic warden, Shakir Ahmed Malik from the city of Karachi, has been promoted to GD pilot after getting commissioned as Flying Officer. There aren’t many commercial female pilots in the country to begin but Nashrah shatters the glass ceiling to become the first female GD pilot.

Image Source: Meritorious Defence Chapter Facebook


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Nashrah Shakir studied at the Meritorious Defence Chapter tuition center and actually broke the news on social media. They congratulated their alum on her remarkable achievement, and for making history.

“We congratulate our Meritorious student, Nashrah Shakir and her proud parents for getting commission in Pakistan Air Force as Flying Officer in GDP. May Allah give her more success in the line of duty,” the post read.


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The position of a GD pilot is held to a very high standard in the PAF, let alone in the armed forces. Only a fraction of the applicants qualify for the spot. To finally have a woman make the list is a historic breakthrough.

In a patriarchal society like Pakistan, position such as these are still reserved to be ‘a man’s job’. Despite the armed forces opening it’s doors to the other half of the population during General Musharraf’s regime, women aren’t encouraged to pursue a career in the armed forces.

GD pilot is no ordinary aviator, as they also have their set of aviation rules. As the nation stands up to applaud Nashrah Sahkir, it is essential to open more such doors for women.



Others pointed out how hard it was for a woman to actually become the first female GD pilot. Here’s to hoping she keeps pushing boundaries.


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Pakistan seems to be making much progress in this regard as just last year we saw the first female from Kashmir become a pilot. Maryam Mujtaba made the nation proud as the first-ever female pilot from Kashmir.

Similarly renowned Pakistani female fighter pilot Marium Mukhtiar was honored with a film to ensure her name lives on beyond the history books.

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