Was Serene Air Wrong to Ask Maria Memon If She Was Married?

It might not be what you think.

Maria Memon - Serene Air

Here we go again. Now Serene Air is making small talk awkward by asking deeply personal questions from its customers. This time around Maria Memon was on the other end, so of course, she called them out. Turns out it might not be what you think.

While traveling via Serene Air, the television news presenter Maria Memon was asked on a flight:

“Are you married?”

This doesn’t seem to be ‘unheard of protocol’ for the airline based on how others reacted.

For its part, Serene Air reached out to the anchor and apologized:


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Marvi Memon reveals how she was specifically singled out with that question because she’s a woman. Meanwhile, her husband who was with her, was not asked this question. Many others pointed out that at least Maria Memon received an apology.

Women do not want to be asked personal questions.

That’s when it was pointed out this isn’t exactly the first time. All Pakistani airlines do this.

Actually there’s a good reason why this question is asked.

Someone pointed out this is in fact, a cultural constraint, just not in the way we think. Maybe Pakistani airlines aren’t trying to make women uncomfortable. Maybe they’re trying to gauge out who to ask the question that actually matters;

“Are you pregnant?”


The reason airlines need to ask this is because flying actually affects unborn babies. In fact, women aren’t allowed to board planes in their third trimester. For that, the airline needs to know first if you’re even pregnant. They usually ask if you’re married first, because Pakistani culture demands more sensitivity.



Then there were people pointing out since Serene will just apologize, there was no need to tweet it out.



Maybe asking the pregnancy straight up would save everyone the hassle. That’s why people cracked a joke or two about this.


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Then there were the really bad jokes….


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  1. For the safe side…first ap sy material status pocha jata ha…or passengers ko cooperative hona chahiye…agr crew ny poch b lia tha tu kia prblm ha…or company ko is pr action ni lyna chahiye crew k lye kue k vo apni duty kr rhi ha…but pochne ka method mayb thk na ho pak airline nii sb me pocha jata…or form fill krwaya jata..got it

  2. On the other hand while everyone joins Maria’s bandwagon, perhaps its also prudent to think why the question was asked in the first place. Maybe they want to seat someone, maybe its for database, maybe something else.

    while i strong support the ideology of feminism but we cant be just blunt about our reactions without knowing the background. Ugh!! who in the world would read this comment but thats my two cents worth

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