Netizens Laud Marriyum Aurangzeb for Staying ‘Calm and Collected’ During Harassment in London

“This attitude is harmful to the image of Pakistan,” she told a protester.

In an interesting turn of events, PML-N member Marriyum Aurangzeb has won the sympathy of netizens for maintaining her composure while being harassed by PTI supporters in London last week.

marriyum aurangzeb

A viral video showed her being hounded by PTI supporters on the streets of London. The 42-year-old federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting was heading to the Pret a Manger restaurant to grab a drink when the expatriates verbally abused her and chanted “chorni, chorni” (thief, thief).

When a woman from the crowd decided to ask the minister some questions, she calmly answered them and remarked,


This attitude is harmful to the image of Pakistan. You asked me three questions and I have answered them all. This is the way of having a decent conversation.

Social media users applauded Aurangzeb for remaining ‘calm and collected’ throughout the entire ordeal.

Here’s how Twitterati responded:

Bullying and harassment have no justification but Pakistan’s political climate has grown toxic over the decades. With political parties like PML-N, PPP, and PTI attacking each other, it is not surprising that their supporters take to expressing the same animosity for politicians from rival parties.

What is your take on how Marriyum Aurangzeb handled her harassers? Share your views about it in the comments below.


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