Netizens Outraged Over Accquital of Main Accused in Daniel Pearl Murder

‘Complete travesty of justice,’ outcries Pearl’s family.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) reaffirmed the Sindh High Court’s (SHC) decision to release the main accused in the Daniel Pearl murder case, Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh.

A three-judge bench of the apex court headed by Justice Mushir Alam passed the decision while one member of the bench opposed the decision. The SC freed British-Pakistani Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh dismissing the Sindh government’s plea.


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Grasping At Straws?

Now the Sindh government asserts that it will repeal against the SC verdict for release of the main suspect in the Wall Street journalist’s death. Sindh Information Minister, Nasir Hussain Shah said;

“The Sindh government has decided to go for a review on the orders of the Supreme Court, … Omar Sheikh has admitted his involvement in the Daniel Pearl murder case,” he added.

The federal government is also on board according to a spokesperson for the Attorney-General for Pakistan.

Khalid Jawed Khan said;

“The federal government will provide the provincial government with every possible legal assistance in the matter,” the spokesperson said.

The apex court is also set to hear separate appeals against the SHC’s earlier acquittal of Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh and still awaiting a decision.



Public Reaction

Netizens were largely disappointed over the release of Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh.


Collegues of the WSJ Bureau Chief and US state authorities demand better.



The US newly appointed Biden administration is furious to say the least. In a statement last month, then-US acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen said;

“America stands ready to take custody of Omar Sheikh to stand trial here”.



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Indians sure are fanning the flames.



What Does Daniel Pearl Family Have to Say?

Meanwhile, the Daniel Pearl family’s attorney, Faisal Siddiqui released a statement on how the SCP was the end of the line for the family. They have basically exhausted all avenues and a repeal isn’t much of a lifeline.

“Today’s decision is a complete travesty of justice and the release of these killers puts in danger journalists everywhere and the people of Pakistan,… In practical terms there are no further legal avenues to pursue in Pakistan,” he said.


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