Netizens React to Ali Zafar Comparing Himself to Usman Mukhtar

Recently content creator-cum-actor Usman Mukhtar opened up about being harassed and stalked by a woman for over two years. As people extended sympathy to the Anaa actor, singer Ali Zafar began comparing his situation to that of Usman Mukhtar.

Amid sexual harassment allegations by fellow artist Meesha Shafi, the Teefa in Trouble actor lost many opportunities whilst facing extreme backlash online. Can that really be compared to being stalked and harassed? The singer is missing the point that men get harassed too.


Ali Zafar Becomes a Social Media Meme After Crying on TV

While the Sabaat actor had shared his #MeToo story, Ali Zafar took to sharing how he was wronged under the guise of #MeToo.

While everyone has their own traumatic experiences, can you compare being stalked to the backlash post-sexual harassment allegations? Here’s what Netizens have to say.



The singer seems to have missed the point as Usman Mukhtar explicitly stated that despite his experience, he will always ‘believe women’.

Usman Mukhtar


Of course, Netizens didn’t appreciate the singer getting it all wrong. Usman’s experience points out how men get harassed too, not that men get falsely harassed.



As usual, some people were out of line and resorted to trolling.


Yet some made really good points like how Pakistan lacks legislation and enforcement of legislation for the protection of women.



Usman Mukhtar Shares His #MeToo Story

Indie director and cinematographer recently shared his experience of being stalked and harassed by a singer. He revealed how this woman had hired him as a director for her music video but he left due to creative differences. Then began the barrage of messages, stalking, and harassment.


Usman Mukhtar: ‘I Have Been Harassed, Blackmailed and Bullied by a Woman’

The woman even made false claims against him, and Usman Mukhtar had to get the FIA involved. Yet even his family, particularly his mother was targeted amid the investigation.

Many celebs voiced support for Usman Mukhtar particularly his female co-stars.



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