Usman Mukhtar: ‘I Have Been Harassed, Blackmailed and Bullied by a Woman’

After over a year of being harassed, Usman Mukhtar has broken his silence

Usman Mukhtar

After over a year of being harassed, Usman Mukhtar has broken his silence. While the Anaa actor probably didn’t mean to highlight societal shortcomings, that’s what he ended up doing.

The artist was really just sharing his own story of harassment.

“The harassment was reported to FIA. The FIA was dealing with a person that did not have the original address on their records, which is a crime on its own. Took FIA a year to find this person.”

Usman Mukhtar
Usman Mukhtar shares his traumatic story of stalking and harassment

Usman Mukhtar even apologized for the timing. However, his story just further affirms how patriarchy is damaging to men too. Here’s a victim of stalking and harassment apologizing for sharing their truth.

“I greatly apologize for the timing of this and I know so many people are struggling with recent events.”


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He talked about when it comes to people who are boundary challenged or stalkers, they have a blatant disregard for the law.

“They investigated the case was properly and they finally took her statement. But this person still does not stop!”

Apparently, Usman Mukhtar’s stalker is a female artist. They met when she hired him to direct her music video. She later apologized for her behavior. However, she then resorted to malign the Parchi actor with accusations of harassment and even neglect of his mother.


The Janaan actor opened up about allowing the authorities to deal with this. But his mental health has taken a toll just waiting. He shared how he alone is not suffering and even his family and specifically his mother is being targeted.

The YouTuber-cum-actor even shared how his harasser went as far as to level his claims against him.

Usman Mukhtar


Even now the actor is approaching the matter timidly because he didn’t want to bring negative light towards a woman. He affirmed that he will still believe women that come forth with harassment claims despite his own experience being wrapped up in false accusations.

“I know that people grow and change and learn and unlearn, … I respect every woman’s right to freedom of speech and I still chose, desite my experience, to believe any woman when she comes out with accusations or claims of harassment or abuse.”



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He even called out people for using social media to cast darkness on people’s lives rather than bring light. Usman Mukhtar

While a man’s claim of harassment isn’t taken seriously in our society, it is still a reality. Men are made to feel inadequate for even voicing concerns. Yet, despite seeking legal help and relying on authorities, a celebrity like Usman Mukhtar still can’t escape his stalker.

The actor ended up highlighting how the patriarchy and prevalent toxic masculinity fails to address men’s concerns for personal safety.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

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