Netizens Think Bobby Deol Predicted The COVID-19 Pandemic [Pictures + Videos]

One netizen claims ‘Lord Bobby’ has been telling people about social distancing and face masks decades ago.

A netizen has found out Bollywood actor Bobby Deol knew about the COVID-19 decades before the pandemic. Social media is going crazy after a viral clip theorizes that he knew about the coming pandemic. The video of “Lord Bobby” has already gone viral on social media.

Bobby Deol may not be the most popular Indian actor nor has the same energy as his “passionate” brother Sunny. And let’s face it, he isn’t winning an award anytime soon. However, the man is a messiah who could see into the future!


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That’s right, while Sunny was out on his gaddi chasing after damsels in Lahore; and SRK was too busy stuttering for K-Kiran, our saviour Bobby Deol was warning us about the dangers of COVID-19. If you don’t believe us, then watch this comprehensive video put together by one social media user. The video shows Bobby subtly dropping hints of the pandemic and the necessary precautions we should take.

In the video, Bobby reveals his psychic abilities about seeing things clearly. Then he preaches to his brother Sunny about social distancing. Finally, if that wasn’t enough, we see our man give Aishwarya Rai a “proper” RT-PCR test (the naysayers will have you believe it’s just Bobby shoving a Q-tip up Mrs. Bachchan’s nose).

All Hail Lord Bobby

Social media users are showing their ‘appreciation’ for Bobby Deol’s psychic abilities, addressing him by his ‘proper’ title as “Lord Bobby Supremacy”.

However, one user had a very important question that is on everyone’s mind.

“Bobbyshield vaccine kab aayegi?” a concerned netizen asks.

Written by Sher Alam


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