Netizens Troll Shahbaz Sharif Over Gaming Laptop

Maybe no one told him the system requirements for Plague Inc ?

Shahbaz Sharif

Leader of the opposition Shahbaz Sharif recently returned to Pakistan amid the Coronavirus pandemic. Some quarters are already hailing him as the tech-savvy messiah we need in a time of crisis. But when is too much considered too much? Let’s find out.

Just when you think people are ready to be responsible citizens and take precautions pertaining to the Coronavirus pandemic, they let you down. This time people are suggesting placing the Leader of the Opposition in charge of the fight against COVID-19.

Shahbaz Sharif in the line of fire?

It all started when Shahbaz offered himself as the head of a government task force to fight the Coronavirus pandemic.

Why did people come to this conclusion? Because they felt the government is not doing enough with its lockdown and being a killjoy in ‘Shadi season‘. Meanwhile, the ‘younger’ Sharif is preaching precautions with his woke tweets.


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He even traveled all the way here from heavily infected Britain, to help?

It was actually this picture of Shahbaz Sharif wearing a mask even in isolation that wowed the crowd.

But look a little closer, and gamers noticed something else happening here:

Shahbaz Sharif’s return amid the Coronavirus pandemic is even being compared to the return of a Messiah in a crisis. It’s being argued that he’s is the tech-savvy, armed with research so we ought to trust him amid a global pandemic?

Is it safe to say that he is prepared? That he is someone who does not only have his gaming life in order but also uses an ASUS gaming laptop for Netflix?

Yet some suggest we take this man’s word for it when it comes to fighting COVID-19.

Alright even if you can forgive such a gaming crime, what about coming in from an infected hot spot and not wearing a mask in public?

At least we did get a few good laughs out of this.

At least this netizen put it straight.


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