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Noor Bukhari Blessed With a Cute Baby [Pictures]

Two is a crowd!

Noor Bukhari

Actress Noor Bukhari has been blessed with a baby and we’re surprised she managed to keep it hush-hush. It looks like she finally has the family she wanted.

Earlier there was speculation that the Mujhe Chand Chahye actress had remarried Aown Chaudhry. This was assumed based on an Instagram post of the businessman captioned, ‘My Hero‘.

Fans were happy for Noor Bukhari and her reunion with the father of her daughter. Aown Chaudhry is also the father of Noor’s only daughter, Fatima. looks like they had another child together.


Noor Bukhari Marries Her Ex-Husband Aown Chaudhary

What stirred this rumor was a series of matronly Insta stories. First, she shared a picture of a diaper bag filled with baby products. This led people to believe Noor was a mother again.

Noor Bukhari


This was confirmed when Noor’s daughter Fatima was holding a baby in the next Insta story. The gender of this child is unknown.

Noor Bukhari
Is Noor Bukhari’s daughter holding her baby sibling?

Noor then shared another baby post. Given the fact that the nation is in lockdown, the chances of this baby not being Fatima’s sibling are next to none.

Noor Bukhari
Is it a boy or a girl?


In another post, the two siblings seem to be playing around.

Noor Bukhari


The Ishq Positive actress has been much reserved about her personal life as of late. While she might not be sharing details of her personal life, her Insta posts give away tidbits.

Her infant child is over a month old at this point, based on her Instagram.


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After numerous marriages that didn’t work out, it looks like the actress finally has the family she’s always wanted. Aown Chaudhry was previously married to Noor back in 2012. The two have a daughter together but their marriage barely lasted a year.

For the former PTV host, the long wait was worth it. Now both their children can have both their parents present in their lives.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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