‘Not Out for Life’: Fans Swooning Over Mohammad Nawaz and Izdihaar’s Old Wedding Clicks

After his heroics against India, people want know more about Pakistan’s unsung player.

Wedding pictures of Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Nawaz go viral on social media. After his heroics against India, people want know more about Pakistan’s unsung player.

mohammad nawaz

A lot of people may not no this, but Mohammad Nawaz is a family man. The Pakistani is a husband and a father. Unlike other prominent players like Imad Wasim, Fakhar Zaman or Babar Azam,  Nawaz does not get much media attention.

In 2018, he married Izdihaar, a Saudi Arabian/ South African national. The couple had a glamorous American-style wedding in Cape Town. Check it out!

mohammad nawaz

mohammad nawaz

mohammad nawaz

mohammad nawaz

Last year, Nawaz became a father to a lovely baby boy. Here are a picture of Nawaz with his son.

Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Nawaz has become a national hero after his game-changing performance against India at the 2022 Asia Cup. The 28-year-old has been part of the national side for over 6 years and is finally getting the recognition he deserves.

We hope to see more game-changing performances from Mohammad Nawaz and see him become the next superstar of Pakistan. What do you think about his wedding clicks? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


  1. Ma’sha’Allah Happy Family, May Allah SWT bless & always protect them, Indeed Nawaz is an exceptional Super Star

  2. He is calm, cool, and collected just like MS Dhoni. He is smart and educated, knows the physics of the game. Wish to see him captain Pakistan for at least 4 years.

  3. Aoa so many good wishes for Nawaz and family. They had arranged very exclusive marriage. In cape town south Africa.Nawaz looks very sound in his game as wel as in general life too. May Allah bless him more energy more wisdom to carry on his game to keep high Pakistan flag.aameen suma aameen. Stay Blessed.

  4. Wishing you very best of luck Nawaz in your cricket carrier and in your life Allah bless you with everything aameen .you are our Hero 🥰❤