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Omair Rana’s Wife Tells Us How It Feels Like Marrying Your Best Friend

Is marriage an easy thing? This story shows us how it can be.

Omair Rana's Wife

Omair Rana, a well known Pakistani actor and director, married the love of his life in 2003. What we did not know was the struggle, hardships and in the end, the gratified life that Omair and Maira have spent with each other.

Recently, his wife took to Facebook to share their inspiring yet VERY real struggles and their triumph in spite of these struggles.



Maira says the reason she decided to share her story was to prove to the world that good men exist. Despite the struggles, you can make it last if you really want to.

In a very long post, she gave a complete timeline of how it all started and how it is going right now.

When I see couples making this mistake, I make it a point to tell them. Ask them to talk it out. Understanding each other’s struggles and giving each other too much space at the cost of your own happiness can cause irreversible damage.



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Talking about the communication gap couples usually face, she wrote

This lack of communication is something I regret in hindsight. Something that went on for years and something that caused our marriage to almost end at one point…We didn’t even talk about what we were going through with anyone either.


Even though the two have seen some hard times, Omair never left his wife’s side. Despite there being a lot of toxic masculinity and misogyny in their circles, he took care of chores as much as she did.

Home is where your heart is, and our hearts belong to each other.

Three C sections and he stayed with me at the hospital. You want your mother around at that time and I wanted him.

He’s changed countless pampers, done night duties with the kids, cooked breakfast for me, cleaned, dusted, changed linen, gotten furniture polish done, taken me shopping infinite times, waited patiently while I got my threading done only so we can take a drive together, bought sanitary napkins, taken me for Falooda at midnight, you name it.

He made me open my first personal bank account and asked me to put all my salary in it instead of the joint account, he’s never asked me how much I earn, never told me I’m fat ( and I’ve been fat!!!). Always disregarded comments about how “young” he looks compared to me.

Something I have let bother me for years before growing up and not giving a rat’s ass eventually.



These two are truly the epitome of true love. If this isn’t what soul mates are then we don’t know what is.

I simply decided to marry my best friend. My best friend decided to marry his. And we really wouldn’t have it any other way. He calls me his “best mistake”. I still can’t decide if that’s a compliment or not. I consider him “my lucky break” in life.



She ends her post with the most positive statement I’ve heard in ages. Should we hold grudges against our significant others?

The most important thing is that we haven’t kept any scores. Who needs to keep a score when we both get to win in the end?

Here’s the full post:

From our reader,Maira Omair Rana 1995.I was 16. He was 17.We saw each other for the first time in front of Copper…

Posted by The Average Mommy on Thursday, February 13, 2020


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While a lot of the couples show us the appealing sides of their relationships, most of us tend to focus on the ugly side when it gets out of hands.

In that respect, Omair Rana’s wife has given us a completely different standpoint to ruminate on. Did you love their story as much as we did? Let us know!

Written by Yusra Rafiq


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  1. Great Article! Very rarely it happens that an actual story meets up my expectation when I open it reading the headline, but in this case it far exceeded it.
    Enjoyed reading it.

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