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Omer Shahid Hamid’s Books Are Getting Turned into Netflix Series

Are you looking forward to this?


Full-time police officer and one of the best Pakistani writers this generation, Omer Shahid Hamid is back to doing what he does best – writing.

The novelist, who has written two best-sellers The Fix and The Party Worker, revealed that he has set his sights to the world of spying and intelligence operations.

His current book, The Fix, is about match-fixing in the women’s cricket team. So why choose spy thriller as the next genre? Omer had a very insightful answer to this:

“Pakistani people have a strange psyche, very interested in cricket and conspiracy both.”

He says that it was the combination of both these things that made him focus on the sordid world of match-fixing and apply it to a cricket team.

“It’s unfortunately difficult to escape the problem of match-fixing, keeping in view the current socioeconomic and politicolegal situation,”

How does he even get the time to write a book, seeing as how a police officer is a gruelling job as it is. Omer reveals that he’s lucky to have gotten the time and the inspiration to work on these gripping stories every time he got a sabbatical.

“The police force has a lot of stories that circulate within its own circles and there is no way that these can get out unless they are told. So I told these stories in a different way.”


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Omer Shahid Hamid and Netflix

Omer has some exciting news to share regarding his work and Netflix.

He has made a name for himself byreading criminals, a fact that is reflected in his writing too. Just take a look at The Party Worker, which is based on a political party in Karachi that uses fear and intimidation to keep everyone in line. The main character in his book is a man who has commited heinous crimes, yet comes across as very humanized.

This aspect of humanizing the worst among us is why Netflix is interested in Omer’s works.

“This kind of genre is getting more traction and Netflix believes that Pakistan is a growing market. Especially, after the success of the Sacred Games, which is also based on a book by an Indian author (Vikram Chandra), the prospect seems to be good.”

The author says that book of his books are being produced for a Netflix series. No time frame has been shared as to when they will debut right now.

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