Oops: Imran Khan Tweets About Shab-e-Baraat Too Late

We guess he was too busy to remember what day it was.

imran khan

Sometimes we forget a holiday or event that we shouldn’t have. Admit it, we’ve all being there. And now it has happened to Prime Minister Imran Khan as well and Twitter is not letting him forget it.

It all started when Imran Khan tweeted about Shab-e-Baraat today. Only one problem, it was yesterday. Of course, Pakistani Twitter trolled the Prime Minister.

Muslim religious holidays are based on the lunar calendar. Because of this, the date changes at night. So when the Prime Minister of Pakistan asked people to pray tonight, he was a day too late.

Imran Khan was trolled for his mistake to the point where he deleted the tweet. That didn’t stop his fans and critics though.


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There was this:

Then some not so great ones.

Talk about a hung-up ex. I think someone needs to tell this lady to move on.

Some trolls equated the mistake with Imran Khan’s performance average.

The worms sure came out of the woodwork. #NeverForget

Many people rushed to his aid to help. They brushed off the mistake to Imran Khan being busy battling coronavirus.


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About Shab-e-Baraat

Shab-e-Baraat is a night of seeking forgiveness and prayer. It is religious event in Islam.

The Day of Atonement (Shab-e-Baraat) is marked when Allah solidifies your destiny for the next Islamic year. Muslims pray for better fortune this new year on that night.

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