Pak-India Love: Restaurant Owner in Islamabad Throws Biryani Feast for Visiting Indian Family [Video]

“This is Pakistan in real”.

Islamabadi restaurant owner, Tahir Khan, smashed stereotypes and became a hero when he hosted an Indian family who came to Islamabad for their daughters’ tennis tournament this year.

Tahir Khan

Tahir Khan, who was heading to his office, noticed a foreign family, comprising Jyothi Kumar, Samsan, and their daughters’, and decided to give it a lift. He learned that the family from Indian Hyderabad was visiting Pakistan for the daughters’ participation in the ITF Juniors Tennis Championship.

He decided to treat the family to a meal at his restaurant and served them their native dish Hyderabadi biryani, and also got them to try Pakistani kheer and gulab jamun.

Tahir Khan welcomed the family to his restaurant saying, “Welcome to TKR and welcome to Pakistan!”

He and the Indian family bonded over lunch, who shared their experience in Pakistan and the hospitality they received.

Speaking in Hindi, the Indian man said,

At the time of crossing the border, I was a bit afraid and skeptical. But after coming here, I am overwhelmed by the love I received here”.

With the T20 World Cup going on, Tahir Khan joked with his new friends that they can have the World Cup but India should give Pakistan Virat Kohli in return.

Journalist Ihtisham Ul Haq shared the video clip of his good friend, Tahir Khan, hosting the Indian family to the delicious lunch at TKR on Tuesday.

He wrote,

I want my Indian friends and followers to watch this video. An Indian family who’re visiting Pakistan for his daughters’ tennis match in Islamabad. They met a good friend of mine Tahir Khan and asked for a lift. They’ve shared their experience in the video”.

Ihtisham Ul Haq concluded:

This is Pakistan in real.

The video has since gone viral on social media as people appreciated Tahir Khan for how he hosted the Indian family.

Even though India and Pakistan are arch-rivals, it is nice to see this heartwarming interaction that proves that the hatred between the two nations is mostly superficial and misguided.

About Tahir Khan

Tahir Khan owns and runs the Tahir Khan Restaurant (TKR) which is located on Lethrar Road near Taramri Chowk, Islamabad. The place is famous for its world-class Sulemani Karahi and Peshawari kehwa.


  1. Tahir Khan bhai, thanks for this lovely move of yours and welcoming and entertaining our guests from India. May the relation with our all neighbors become much ever lasting and stronger and respectable for each other.