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Pakistan Coast Guards Install World’s Tallest Bamboo Tower

A tall feat!

world's tallest bamboo

The Pakistan Coast Guards have installed the world’s tallest bamboo tower with the national flag of Pakistan being hoisted on the top of it.

As per the available details, the bamboo tower has been made of as many as 8000 bamboo. It is installed at the Uthal tehsil of Balochistan.

After the successful completion of this masterpiece, the next task was to install the world’s tallest bamboo tower. This was the most difficult phase as the tower turned elastic due to its height. But Pakistan Coast Guards with their greater experience also managed to overcome this difficult task with ease.


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Installing the World’s Tallest Bamboo Tower

As mentioned before after the mammoth task of creating the masterpiece, the installation was tricky. Rather then tell a tall tale about the ordeal here’s the how it happened;


It is worth mentioning that the bamboo tower has been installed without much support which is required for a tower of such height. This speaks volumes of Pakistan Coast Guards hard work and determination.

There has not been a Guinness World Records for the world’s largest bamboo tower with a flag before. There are other bamboo related records including, tallest bamboo sculpture held by the Philippines.


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In order to create a new world record category, an event can be planned in collaboration with the company of Guinness World Records. A Guinness World Records adjudicator to certify the record.

The company does charge a pretty penny for that and often corporate companies get involved, but it is possible.


Written by Arslan Khattak


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