Pakistani Celebrities Turn Anti-Rape Protests Into an Insensitive PR Stunt

A lesson on how not to do PR 101.

pakistani celebrities motorway rape case

Since the Lahore motorway rape case, the Pakistani public has taken to social media and to the streets as well. Everyone is demanding justice for the rape survivor and wants answers from the authorities.

In the midst of these protests, we saw something very disappointing yesterday. Some Pakistani celebrities are making a mockery out of the public’s sentiments.



As more and more netizens started reporting on the events that took place at the Karachi Press Club yesterday, names like Frieha Altaf, Mahira Khan, Sarwat Gillani, Yasir Hussain, and Ayesha Omar, among others, came forward.



It has been reported that this exclusive club of celebrities disrupted the actual protest that was being held to demand the safety of women and the rights of the transgender community.

If that wasn’t enough, they demanded the general public move further away as they were, of course, entitled to be on the forefront.



Lights, Camera, Action?

One Twitter user, who was also at these protests, reported that these celebrities drifted the media’s attention towards them and away from the commoners who were fighting for their due rights.





All of this was happening while the transgender community was being sidelined by the press. Their mockery wasn’t limited to their little elite protest.

This is not how you do PR

If there were any doubts that the actors were being unfairly singled out for their classism, one Instagram post laid all those claims to rest. Sarwat Gilani, the star of hit drama serial Churails, posted a rather insensitive video on her Instagram, laughing about and making light of the situation.

First, let’s take a look at the video:



The spelling error alone is enough to prove how much these classists actually care about the cause. But calling themselves “pro at protest” and giggling around like insensitive and immature adults was a definite kick to the curb.

Moreover, Sarwat’s poster alone comes from a place of ignorance and illiteracy. Can someone ask her if being ‘rapped‘ is the only identity a rape victim holds?

Everyone is obviously outraged at the celebrities’ little PR stunt. Here’s what netizens have been saying about the situation:















For those of you saying they are a part of showbiz and nothing more should be expected of them – really? Showing solidarity for a rape victim by being cavalier about the whole thing? Things really don’t work that way.

Here’s what these celebs could’ve done instead:

  1. Join the actual protest and join forces with the crowd of regular people.
  2. Speak on something beyond ‘good and bad touch’.
  3. Be the voice for the voiceless who can’t fight the good fight. This means siding with the trans community who was already present there.
  4. Educate themselves before throwing gibberish at others.

The matter has gone beyond the problem that children here need sex education classes. Its never a good look when self-absorbed Pakistani celebrities keep singing the same rote learned scripts.

The motorway rape case should have been an eye-opener, and it was. We expect better from our celebrities.

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