Pakistani Celebrities Voice Support For Ukraine


Much like the rest of the world lamenting the Russia-Ukraine situation, Pakistani celebrities are also taking to social media to voice concerns.

The world is protesting for peace since Russia announced, that Russian President Vladimir Putin is calling a ‘special military operation’ of Ukraine on Thursday, February 24. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is calling the explosions and military activity in the east of the country to be ‘full-scale invasion’.

Since Putin’s speech in the outskirts of Kharkiv, Kramatorsk, Mariupol, and the capital Kiev, hashtags like #RussiaUkraineConflict, #WorldWar3, #StockMarketCrash, #StopWar, and #Taiwan have been trending on Twitter.

So like all other global celebrities and public figures, Pakistani celebs are also taking to their social media handles to voice support for Ukraine.

Author, activist, and Pakistani Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai called for Russia to cease the attack as war has always caused irrevocable damage.

“History tells us that wars cause irreversible and unimaginable loss. Civilians are killed; homes, schools and places of worship destroyed. People need peace, stability and dignity more than anything else. Russia must stop the attack on Ukraine immediately.”

British-Pakistani actress Armeena Khan, who is vocal about most issues, stated;

“There is a war brewing, needless loss of life. My prayers are with the vulnerable.”

While actor Ushna Shah stated that she’s heartbroken over the news of what is now an armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine. She added how her heart also goes out to the victims of other regional conflicts as a preemptive response to those that will troll her for her ‘selective activism’.

“And before you get at me, I am heartbroken for Kashmiris, Palestinians, Syrians, Uyghur [Muslims] too. I tweet about them all the time.”


Meanwhile, singer Momina Mustehsan shared how she once lived in Kyiv with her family for almost five years.

“For nearly half a decade, my family called Kyiv home. The people of Ukraine have every right to their sovereignty, without unprovoked aggression from their neighbours. Praying for all human lives and hoping for better sense to prevail. War is never the answer.”

British-Pakistani starlet Kubra Khan posted an Instagram story voicing her concern.

Image Source: Kubra Khan Instagram

Singer-cum-actor Azaan Sami Khan also expressed solidarity with Ukraine in an Instagram story.

Image Source: Azan Sami Khan Instagram

On the other hand, actor Osama Tahir urged Netizens to realize that war is not something to be joked about.

Image Source: Osama Tahir Instagram

Actress Nadia Jamil shared Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s comments about the Russian invasion.

Image Source: Nadia Jamil Instagram

VJ and host Anoushey Ashraf also called for peace and an end to the bombing.

“Stop bombing Ukraine. And while we’re at it, let’s stop doing the same in Palestine, Yemen, Afghanistan, Kashmir, etcetera. I guess Putin is only doing what others have been doing for far too long.”

Image Source: Anoushey Ashraf Instagram

While this might seem like a European conflict, in a global world the consequences of a conflict affect the entirety of the world. Evidence of that can be seen at the stock market.


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