Pakistani Couple Set Guinness World Record for Having 7 Children on August 1

The birthday is coincidently the couple’s wedding anniversary as well

A Pakistani couple has gone viral for setting a Guinness World Record for having seven children born on August 1, which is coincidently the couple’s wedding anniversary as well.

Meet Ameer Ali, Khudeja and their kids, a family of nine from Larkana who hold the unique distinction of sharing the same day of birth, an extraordinary coincidence that has captured everyone’s attention on the internet.

Ameer Ali and Khudeja got married on August 1, 1991, and since then, their family has grown to include seven children, ranging in age from 19 to 30 years old. Each child was born naturally, without any planned Cesarean sections or premature deliveries, making their shared birthdate even more extraordinary.

Their eldest child, Sindhoo, was born on August 1, 1992, marking the beginning of this remarkable family tradition. The trend continued with the birth of female twins Sasui and Sapna in 1998, followed by the arrival of Aamir and Ambar.

The family’s journey took another incredible turn when twin brothers Ammar and Ahmar were born in 2003. All seven children now proudly hold the distinction of being born on their parents’ wedding anniversary.

Ameer Ali expressed his astonishment at the coincidence, acknowledging it as a “gift from God.” The couple never anticipated or planned for their children to share the same birthdate as their anniversary.

Ameer Ali expressed his gratitude to God for this incredible world record, considering the shared birthday to be immensely lucky for his family.